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Welcome to Mixsoucers , Here you will find many types of resources to photoshop as psds, actions, gradients, styles, templates, tutorials, some things of tumblr and more... Feel free to ask anything, and remember: plagiarism is a crime. Enjoy

Well, this post have many links which are very useful, and who are requested every day in asks. If this post really helped you, please like or reblog it. Okay, let’s go;

  • where I can find links to download the photoshop?

Photoshop cs5 portable // Photoshop cs5 extended // Photoshop cs6 portable // Photoshop cc portable.

  • where I can find links to download the …. ?

uTorrent // KMPlayer // QuickTime // WinRAR // Camtasia // Photoscape // Skype //AtubeCatcher.

  • extensions?

X-kit // DInstagram // Vigram.

  • where I can find pictures of famous with good quality?

hq-pictures // hqdiesel // Google

  • where I can find good screencaps?

Grandecaps // Hd-screencaps // Movie-screencaps // Screencaped //Disneyscreencaps.

  • film and tv shows downloader’s // // //

  • where I can upload my resources?
CloudApp  // Mediafire // DeviAntart // Dropbox.
  • where I can find a good resources blog?

Check out this.

  • youtube song converter ?

Music-Clips // ClipConverter // Vidtomp3 // YouTube-MP3.

  • youtube video converter?

KeepVid // ClipConverter // SaveFrom

  • watch films and tv shows online?

SolarMovie // Iwatchonline // Putlocker // Movieweb // Seriesparaassistironline // Filmesonlinegratis.

  • themes?

here // here // here.

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